All In for Change’s opening campaign – All In for Vets – will build a national movement to address the long neglected needs of America’s veterans.

The rights and freedoms we enjoy as Americans come with a price. It’s a price paid by those who serve and those who wait at home, but, for many, the toll of war doesn’t end once duty’s done. Once the homecoming flags are furled and the cheers fade, the stark reality of adjusting to civilian life begins, and for those who carry the scars of war the challenge can be daunting. With a greater chance of unemployment, homelessness, poverty, ravaged health, post-traumatic stress, depression and even suicide, veterans face new battles in unfamiliar terrain.

To make matters worse, the ability of veterans to obtain necessary and timely benefits has been drastically eroded as successive governments have sought to cut costs. Veterans seeking help face bureaucratic barriers that can impose years of delay, and legal barriers that effectively prevent any challenge to a system that is skewed against them. As increasing numbers of service men and women return to civilian life after more than a decade of war, and with a judiciary that refuses to act, and a Congress mired in gridlock, the situation is critical.

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The Veterans Civil Rights Act

As part of the All In for Vets campaign, All In for Change has formed a coalition of influential, non-partisan leaders and veterans’ advocates who have drafted a comprehensive Veterans Civil Rights Act. This Bill will level the playing field, requiring veterans to be treated fairly and without delay, and, unlike traditional lobbying strategies, its passage will be driven by the deep involvement of the American people. From showing support on our campaign website; to contacting their Representatives; to spreading the word to their friends and family; to literally wearing the message on their sleeve, the American people will be able to show that they are All In for Vets. With a vibrant and vocal groundswell for action growing around them, all 535 members of the U.S. House and Senate will be asked to sign a formal pledge to pass the Veterans Civil Rights Act.

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Authors of the Veterans Civil Rights Act

All In for Vets has formed a team of leading veterans’ service organizations (VSOs) and veterans’ legal advocates to draft a comprehensive bill to address the needs of America’s veterans.